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 The original Bob’s Hamburg has been serving Akron, Ohio since 1931!

We are Akron's oldest continuously operating restaurant; Since 1931, this legendary establishment has been cooking up burgers at the same location, in the same building and on the very same griddle.

Bob's Hamburg is an old-fashioned streetcar diner and was voted "The #1 Hole-In- The- Wall Burger Joint in Ohio". The classic burger stand has also been featured in "Hamburger America, the State-by-State Guide to the Top 200 Burger Joints".

The menu has largely stayed the same throughout the years, with the featured “Bob’s Burger” remaining the beloved favorite. A Bob Hamburg with everything includes the original Bob Sauce, lettuce, mustard, onion, and pickle. Bob Sauce,

a smoky, tomato-based elixir is worth the road trip as well as the fresh hand pressed burger, the fresh, locally made toasted buns, and the wealth of love you’ll get from the staff!
At Bob’s Hamburg we truly hope that history repeats itself.

Bob knew how to feed the hungry locals with delicious recipes 90 years ago and his legacy shall remain intact for years to come!

From being featured in murals to being interwoven through the news archives we feel the connections to our collective childhoods and Akron’s experiences through food and place.

Bob’s and the history of this “greasy spoon” holds a special place in the hearts of many. Bob’s Hamburg is more than just an old building and old-fashioned good food recipes; It’s Akrony in the best sort of ways.

As we approach 100 years of history

Our jobs as the new caretakers of this Akron institution are to keep serving quality food to new generations of Akronites.
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